What do we ask when you want to hire a corporate video production company?

So the phone rings and you get a call. 

On the other end, you get:  "Hey, we need a video!  We want you to interview the CEO, we want you to have a quick chat with a product specialist and a little b-roll footage of the office.  We don't have a lot of time and the CEO can only talk for 20 minutes because he has to catch a flight to Los Angeles!  Oh, and we need the video in two weeks - so how much is this going to cost?"

You immediately throw up your hands and say in your mind 'woah -  you're not giving me a lot of options here and you need the video right away.'  On the phone (of course), the reaction is more like "This sounds like a great opportunity but before we can give you a proper quote, we need to get more information and details about your project, so we can set you up for success." 

It is so easy to quickly throw a number out there to a prospective client in order to "get" their business. Oh, we did a project "somewhat like that" a week ago and we charged that person xx amount of dollars.  However,  without proper (or enough) information, in our experience there is no way you can address and prepare a production quote based on the client's specific needs?  Without guessing or throwing a dart at a price, there is a much better way to arrive at a cost.  

This is why we have a core set of questions we ask our corporate clients to identify their production needs and what they want out of their video project:

1.  WHO IS THE AUDIENCE?  Different types of audiences have different types of needs.  Information presented has to be in a form that they are either use to receiving or will find that it is of benefit to them.  By Identifying the audience first, we can determine the best "approach" to filming your video;

2.  WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE VIDEO?  Will it appear on social media for brand awareness?  Are you launching a new product or re-defining an older product?  Are you teaching, celebrating, thanking, educating or promoting?  Why we are here can be just as important as how much will it cost.

3.  WHAT DO YOU WANT THE VIEWER TO FEEL AFTER THEY SEE THE VIDEO?  What emotional response are you hoping you will elicit when the video is viewed?

4.  WHAT DO YOU WANT THE VIEWER TO DO AFTER SEEING THE VIDEO?  What is your call to action message?

5.  IF YOU HAD TO SUMMARIZE, WHAT IS THE OVERALL MESSAGING OF THE VIDEO?  We call this the 30 second elevator pitch.  What is the overall takeaway or message that should be delivered when watching your video.  If I was standing in an elevator next to you - can you tell me the video messaging in 30 seconds or less.


7.  AND FINALLY, HOW WILL IT BE SHOWN?  Online, your website, at a trade show - where will the final video be displayed.

These core questions get at the heart of why you picked up the phone and gave us a call.  If we can honed in on your specific mission and goal of your video, we can not only prepare an accurate production quote for you but also assigned the personnel best suited to help put your vision into practice.

Interest in using Empire Video Productions, LLC for your next corporate video production project?  Give us a call Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm at 305-695-0095 or send us an email at: info@empirevideoproductions.com.