Corporate video continues to make inroads with live streaming to Facebook

The team at MONAT are no strangers to corporate video, live streaming and social media.  They have a passionate and dedicated social media department whose sole responsibility is to use social media to resonate their message to more than 100,000 clients, customers and industry stake holders.  Founded in 2014, MONAT is considered one of the fastest growing companies in what online industry experts are now calling the "social selling movement."  And MONAT, as a forward-thinking brand, has truly embraced how video and social media can transform, enhance and shape your company's image and message.

Several days before the official launch of their 1st quarter awards ceremony, they decided they wanted to do their live web streaming broadcast from their company headquarters instead of a TV studio.  This decision allowed their team to be up close and personal in the very location that drives their customer's interest in their line of products. Our Ft. Lauderdale video production partners once again team up with Empire Video Productions to provide a 2-camera live streaming shoot directly to their Facebook page.  Assisted by a sound engineer and a teleprompter operator, our 4-man production team spent the day at MONAT preparing the live broadcast showcasing the company's CEO, President, Moderator and 3 additional presenters.  

Using a mixture of wired and wireless lavaliere microphones and last minute changes in the teleprompter script 5 minutes before we went on air (and even learning during the day that Facebook made some API changes that affected the live streaming software we used that had vertical integration with Facebook), our seasoned team was up to the challenge of meeting the client's expectations.

You don't have to be a million-dollar company or a Fortune 500 brand to share in the amazing role that corporate video, social media and live streaming can bring to your organization.  We are a visual society.  What we see, what we hear and what we feel can transform us in the actions we take.  Embracing the advantageous of a well told story using the most powerful visual medium that exists today - VIDEO - can take you and your company places that you never thought possible.  MONAT is an excellent example of a company that has embraced that advantage.

And you can too!  We invite you to give us a call or send us an email and learn how we can make corporate video and live streaming work for you.