Miami Video Production Services comes to Italy?!

As much as we would love to return to Italy for a visit, we had a chance to be a part of a conference with Italy's well-respected pre-school educators from Reggio Emila.  Marina Mori (Insegnante,  Consulemte Reggio Children) and Elisabetta Rasori (Atelierista scuola dell'infanzia Michelangelo) came to the United States as guest of KLA Schools to participate in a week long professional development conference for area teachers in the KLA School system.

Video Production Services for KLA Schools

Before the teachers got one on one training and visits at their specific locations, the conference opens up with a daylong introduction into techniques and best practices that can be utilized in the classroom. In October of 2017, we live streamed the conference for educators across the state.  In March of 2018 (because the venue chosen did not have adequate internet connectivity), we were tasked to provide video production services for the KLA team with a live camera mix of two cameras and more than 200 power point slides.  The most important request of the client:  It had to be uploaded ASAP.

Two camera principal filming took place at the Manuel Artime Theatre.  We created a live video mixing workflow that allowed us to work both cameras into the production while also mixing in more than 200 power point slides and 2 video presentations.  We did our editing and mixing live on-site to reduce the time needed in the editing suite.  That was on March 12th.  On March 13th, we took the live mixed video, trimmed it down a bit, encoded it, uploaded it and presented it as a video on demand product.  We were able to upload the entire 6-hour conference and get it online for teachers to view by 6pm.  This allowed educators to use the lessons they learn from the formal presentation and apply it to the one on one training and site visits that were taking place with the Reggio Emilia professionals.

Live Video Production for KLA Schools by Empire Video Productions

We were proud to return for a 2nd year in a row to provide valuable video production services to our client KLA Schools.  Did our Miami video production come to Italy?  In a sense, we brought Italy to Miami and our team was able to bring quality instructional programming to educators.  It is another example of the live web streaming and video production services we provide to educators, educational centers and professional development programs for clients across the United States.

Empire Video Productions, LLC is proud to be a Miami video production company bringing more than 22 years of experience in live streaming, corporate video production and sports broadcasting.

We look forward to working with you on your next event.  Let us show you how the power of video can make significant impact in your professional development.