Welcome to our new blog and web design

We know that a lot of companies and individuals have questions on whether they should spend the money, resources and time on live web streaming their next event.  It can be a daunting experience filled with a ton of technical jargon and so many options.  We are here to help.

This blog was created to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding your next live web streaming event.  Whether your question is how much will it cost or what streaming platform will help me reach the most amount of people, we can give you ideas and information that will guide your decision.

As a 21 year old video production company, we have been in the live web streaming event space since 2009.  Over the years we have learned that 90% of the information absorbed by the brain is visual.  Live web streaming is the perfect solution for getting knowledge, information and entertainment within reach of anyone with an internet connection.  Gone are the days of travelling to a 3 day conference or flying across the country to see a musical act.  Live web streaming brings those events directly to your customers.  Businesses save money.  Consumers save time.  Event planners save resources.

It is a great time to have your next event LIVE on the internet.  We are here to show you how!