VIVENTA - A Case Study on Why They Took A Chance With Live Web Streaming

VIVENTA is a leading service provider for Hispanic immigrants living abroad.  For more than 10 years, they have connected Colombian residents abroad and investors with real estate investment opportunities in Colombia.  They have helped more than 6,500 Colombian families buy their homes in Colombia.

While proud of their success, they wanted to reach more people.  Columbia is rich with opportunities and with a population north of 49 million, VIVENTA knew they could reach more people, teach more people and make a greater impact in people's lives.

Enter live web streaming.  Owners Thomas and Adrian sat down with the management of Viventa over a cup of Starbucks Coffee to discuss how live web streaming would be the next logical step in their goal of not only reaching more people but also educating people on the process.  Their original thought was to create an old-school webinar approach.  Our solution was a modern day live web streaming approach with real-time online Q & A on a platform that everyone uses - Facebook.  The client created a small, functional studio that allowed interaction between the moderators, presenters and the online audience.  We came up with a 2 camera solution using a combination of wired and wireless microphones and external lighting to produce a 1.5 hour live streaming event.

The client and our team debated on whether to use Facebook as the live web streaming platform.  Do we have customers go immediately to the VIVENTA website or do we have customers go where they have the biggest social media presence?  The client thought that Facebook would offer them the biggest bang for the buck and they were right.

The May live broadcast (a first in the companies history) brought in more than 1,000 live viewers.  Two months later, the video had more than 33,000 views.  The 2nd live broadcast which just happened a few days ago had more than 1,270 viewers.  The live web streaming project was a complete success for the team at VIVENTA.  They have plans to close out the year with one more live event in November.

VIVENTA had an idea and took a chance.  Their idea paid off with a successful introduction of live web streaming to their current and potential customers.  This is the power of live web streaming and what it can do for your company.  How can we help you succeed online?