Corporate Video Production Specialist

Empire Video Productions, LLC offers a complete range of professional video production services to businesses, industry and government agencies. We have chosen to concentrate our focus and efforts on small business development, trade shows & conferences, marketing events, training and education, online video presentations and live web streaming.  Our goal is simple!  We want to help companies navigate the ever-changing and sometime confusing multi-media landscape.  Effective use of online video is essential in today's social media market.



If you find yourself asking "Do I really need a corporate video or an online video presence," you are already starting behind your competitors.  

The advent of social media has changed how we approach and deliver messages to our customers & clients.  We strongly believe that today's businesses, government agencies and educational centers need a strong and inviting video presence online that is accessible on all media platforms and devices.  Video production and live web streaming are tools available for your use - designed to help shape opinion, generate call to action and help sell your product.

Video is projected to make up as much as 82% of all internet traffic by 2020, a growing share of which will be live video content.
— Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast & Methodolgy, 2016-2021
Training salespeople and retail associates are among the top-rated use cases for live video ROI. Companies who have adopted live video in this way plan to increase these efforts moving forward.
— 2018 Live Video Streaming Benchmark Report, IBM Corporation



  1. Training Videos/Educational Courses - Training retail associates, sales representatives and customer service workers is a valuable HR tool that can be used in a live or a video-on-demand setting.  Academic institutions, educational organizations and training centers can also use live streaming as a tool for educational advancement thru CEU courses or professional development seminars.  These cost effective live streaming solutions are designed to reach more people across the country in real-time than any other educational method.  
  2. Corporate Video Production - A well designed and produced corporate video can engage your audience and encourage commercial behavior that is advantageous for your business.
  3. Trade Show Videos - Using either live streaming or pre-produced video content, trade & conference show videos are an excellent source for first impression videos, product launches and real-time demonstration of existing product lines.
  4. Client Testimonials Video Production - Client testimonials are an excellent way to reinforce your brand image by allowing real customers the opportunity express opinions and recommendations.
  5. Town Hall Meetings/CEO Presentations/Seminars - Whether it is a live streaming event where the entire company can join online to watch or we film the event to view at a later date, more companies are showing a stronger interest in live video (and to some extent pre-recorded video) to get their message out to teams across the world.  A 2018 recent study by IBM and Brandlive found that "53% companies are increasing their budgets for live video while 23% say those budgets would rise by significant amounts in 2019."




  • Multi-Camera high definition filming with standard cameras & tripods or Multi-Camera 4K filming with premium cameras & tripods included in basic service.  Minimum service includes 1 camera and 1 professional video operator;
  • Wireless or wired hand-held microphones included in basic service (Qty 2);
  • 1x1 or 2x2 LED light panels are included in basic service (Qty 2);
  • Post-Production editing, archiving and content creation (optional services);
  • Interview filming, product endorsements & testimonials (optional services);
  • Live web streaming services with embedded video players, monetization options or streaming to a 3rd party landing page (optional services);
  • HD and mobile digital archival services via cloud service or client supplied flash drive or hard drive available included in basic service.

ESTIMATED PRICING BEGINS AT:  $650.00 (3 Hour Minimum, no editing, 2 person production crew) OR $900 (3 Hours, 2 person production crew and 10 hours of limited editing) - *See your contract for specific details, equipment needs and final contract price.

NOTE:  Final video is delivered as a digital file in HD, SD & mobile format via cloud service or flash drive.  DVD or Blu-ray disk is an additional cost.  Florida Sales Tax of 7% is not included (Tax exempt status must be presented at time of contract signing)

Note:  Additional wireless microphones, lighting, speakers, projectors, screens or other equipment are extra - see your contract or talk to your account representative for final details.



  • 3 Hour Filming Rate (Minimum rate for ALL services) - $650.00
  • Half Day Filming Rate (up to 6 hours) - $800.00
  • Full Day Filming Rate (up to 10 hours) - $1,100.00
  • Pricing based on per camera operator.  Equipment Fees and supporting production elements are extra.  See your contract for final details.

Post Production Editing

  • Post Production editing using computerize non-linear editing workstations
  • Graphics, audio and text added at no additional charge (animation, custom artwork and audio editing is extra)
  • Digital still images, company logos or sponsor logos incorporated at no additional charge
  • Client provides complete concept and direction for video (If you require us to script, concept and direct video, additional charges will apply) - PRICING BEGINS AT $250 PER 10 HOUR EDITING SESSION - SEE YOUR FINAL CONTRACT FOR INFORMATION.  EDITING FEES MAY BE ROLLED INTO YOUR FILMING CHARGE - PLEASE ASK YOUR ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE FOR DETAILS



  • 3 point or 4 point Arri lighting kit for large business meetings and/or filming environments or softboxes and Dedo lights for interviews and smaller filming environments - Call For Pricing

Audio/Video Presentation Services

  • Audio Presentation Services - Two 400 watt Eon speakers with 12 channel audio mixer, hand-held wired microphones with stands, 2 wireless hand-held or lavaliere microphones, audio player and audio technician for the entire duration of event - Call For Pricing

Video Projection Services

  • Video Projector Services - One 3500 to 5,000 lumen projector using one video source (either a laptop or other video source device).  Up to 10x10 fast fold screen with dress kit and A/V technician for the entire duration of event - Call For Pricing

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International Viewership

“Greetings from London.  I just wanted to say many thanks for your GG 9 coverage.  I play for Stonewall FC [...] and it was great to be able to watch the semi and the final of the football live, thousands of miles away, on my phone.  Your whole set-up is really impressive.  Great work, all of you.”

— Daniel (Stonewall FC, Third Team) via Email

Clay Court Classic Winner

“You did an excellen job this weekend!  What you do is great and I absolutely love it.  Thank you again for letting me join you and commentate some of the matches, and thanks for taping and streaming my matches live.  My friends out of town and state really appreciated it..I had a great time, I'd love to do it again”

— Harley Garza (Open Div, GLTA Tennis Player) via Email

New Business Opportunity

“I feel so humbled by this opportunity!  I've been working so hard over the years to build something I'm passionate about, and it feels great to see the progress.  Stay tuned for the upcoming projects! #NoWhereNearDone #lasterfocus #CCESportsNetwork #CoachingVaultGoingNationside.”

— Coach Amir Rahbar (CEO, The Coaching Vault) via Facebook