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"We are in the business of putting knowledge, information and entertainment LIVE within the reach of anyone with internet access - saving you time, money and resources."


By 2019, online video will be responsible for 85% of domestic internet traffic and four-fifths of global internet traffic - source:  Visual Networking Index: Forecast & Methodology 2014-2019, Cisco

By 2019, online video will be responsible for 85% of domestic internet traffic and four-fifths of global internet traffic - source:  Visual Networking Index: Forecast & Methodology 2014-2019, Cisco

Our team is extremely passionate about LIVE WEB STREAMING.  For the last 10 years, we have watched the industry evolve into a technical masterpiece. During the recession of 2008, we made the decision that live web streaming was going to be a cornerstone of the production services we offered throughout the continental United States with a special emphasis on Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the Central and Southern regions of Florida.  For the last 10 years, we have worked hard to create, refine and put together a quality, professional live web streaming program that any individual, small company, or sports organization can adopt as part of their overall online and social media strategy. That is the passion and commitment we bring to your next event. 

It is the 21st century and the world is inter-connected in more ways than ever before. More options.  More variety. Hundreds of choices.  And live streaming brings us all together to learn, to be informed and to be entertained. 

With a phone in every pocket, a computer on every desk and everyone online, live web streaming has transformed the business of education, communication and entertainment.  If your company is not live streaming, you are missing out on reaching your core audience that is already there. 

We are a Miami based live web streaming video production company celebrating 21 years of service throughout the United States.   We are proud to be South Florida's choice for professional yet affordable live web streaming production.

Our area of live web streaming focus includes:

  • Business meetings, conferences & seminars
  • Continuing education courses & university lecture series
  • Sporting events (semi-pro, amateur, club & youth athletics)
  • Music performances
  • Theater productions


  • We are located in Miami, Florida and serve the Tri-county region (Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe County);
  • While we are based in Miami, we are not confined to the state of Florida.  In 2016, our team logged more than 25,000 miles on the road assisting companies and sports organizations with their live web streaming projects.  With clients in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, San Antonio, Columbus, Washington DC and more - we will travel throughout the Continental United States for your next event.


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We have all heard about edutainment before, but there's a new challenger now - infotainment. The marriage between information and entertainment is the new buzz word and in 2017, it is expected to explode.  Right now, platforms like You Tube and Facebook are the holy grail of infotainment.  Here are some bite-size facts you should know:


  • 5 billion people watch You Tube videos daily;
  • Facebook generates more than 32 billion video views per day;
  • Facebook live videos are watched 3 times longer than videos that aren't live anymore;
  • The majority of You Tube video views come from mobile phones and is navigable in 76 different languages which cater to 95% of the world's population;
  • Live video drives engagement and no one does it better than Facebook.  Users comment on Facebook Live videos 10 times more the rate of regular videos.


Source:  MediaKix, March, 2017 "The Top 13 Facebook Live Statistics You Should Know"

Source:  Syndacast, Sept, 2016 "Digital Marketing Trends in 2017"


Live Web Streaming Pricing & Service Model

There are three main components that determine your pricing for live web streaming service:

  • Baseline live production service
  • Production staff & additional production equipment
  • Internet service & availability

Our pricing model is based around a core service we provide to any client for broadcasting under 3 hours with a single HD camera.  All additional staff, equipment & resources are built around this core service which starts at $1,500.00.  To learn more about the philosophy of how we determine production costs, please visit our blog on why you should go live.


  • Live streaming up to 3 hours with 1 HD camera with manned camera operator within 100 feet between the event area and production village;
  • Core package includes 1 Director/Producer responsible for managing the camera feed and reviewing the broadcast feed;
  • Set-up time of 2-3 hours plus 30 minutes for a pre-event live test is required;
  • You have the choice of having the LIVE video player appear on a 3rd party website for viewing & gate keeping or you may use the HTML code to embed the video player on your own website.  You may also use social media sites like You Tube, Facebook or Twitch to reach your audience..  Large live audiences or additional bandwidth may be extra, see your contract for details;
  • 10 channel audio mixer available for mixing microphones, music and other audio sources;
  • Client will receive a digital archive of the event on either a flash drive or hard drive in high definition, standard definition and mobile format;
  • CG workstation is available for graphics, lower thirds & titles;
  • Production cost START at $1,500.00 - see your contract for final details.

STAFF & Additional Production equipment

  • Additional staff and/or equipment may be needed depending on the scope of the broadcast, the number of people involved in your event or event the size of the event room.  We are prepared to put together a staffing level that is needed to fully realized your vision for the live web cast.
  • For a more "TV" style appearance to your live web stream, we can add multiple camera operators (either manned or unmanned) where the Director will switch live between each camera following your event closely;
  • For real time graphics update (for example: sports scores, information updates or chat room interaction), we can add a dedicated graphics operator or social media assistant;
  • A fiber package is available for broadcast environments where the camera operators must be more than 300 feet away from the production village - allowing us to place cameras as far away as a half mile to cover the entire event;
  • We can add audio/video presentation support to your live web streaming broadcast, providing real time audio & video feeds to your local audience as well as your online audience.
  • Staff and additional production equipment is EXTRA - see your contract for final details.


  • The quality of your internet line is the single most important factor in determining the quality of your live web broadcast.  Your viewers expect a trouble free viewing experience and we have recommendations designed to help achieve that result.
  • We strongly recommend that all clients utilize a dedicated internet line or a bonded cellular package for all events (especially those indoors).  A reliable and consistent internet connection is necessary to achieve a "buffer free" viewing experience and allow that experience to be seen across multiple devices and platforms.   The recommended minimum upload speed is 6.0Mbps.  HD video or encoding a multi-bitrate live streaming session should have a minimum upload speed of 10.0Mbps or greater.   We will work closely with your IT or tech department to make sure that your internet line is ready for live web streaming.
  • Dedicated internet lines are often provided at the venue site and may cost you extra.  Check with your facility vendor for details.  We can provide you with a bonded cellular solution at an additional cost if no internet access is available at your chosen venue.  As a last resort, consumer 4G LTE service is available.  (see your contract for details & specific requirements).



  • 3-point/4-point lighting package - For event areas that suffer from poor or inadequate lighting, we can provide you with a variety of lighting gear to meet your filming requirement.  Lighting is a critical component of live web streaming and is often overlooked.  We recommend you set aside a portion of your budget to insure adequate lighting is available at your event area;
  • Audio presentation services - For event areas that feature an in-house audience (in addition to your live web audience), we can provide you with an audio presentation service.  Our base package contains two 400 watt speakers with audio mixer, 2 wireless microphones (lavaliere or handheld) and 3 hand-held wired microphones. An audio technician is automatically included in this package.  Additional microphones, wireless equipment or other audio sources may be extra based on your event needs;
  • Additional HD Camera Operators - We can provide up to 8 high definition camera operators for your event.  For events that have more than 4 camera operators, a Technical Director is required to be on staff.
  • Production Assistant, Graphics Operator or Audio Operator - Production staff available for live graphics, audio or other live production needs.  Live broadcast staff insures a trouble free event as it allows specific broadcast duties to be assigned to a specific technician instead of a "one person does it all" approach.  The length and complexity of your broadcast will determine if additional personnel are needed;
  • Director, Technical Director or Producer - The most important positions of any live broadcast is the Director, Technical Director and Producer - these individuals determine the look & feel of your broadcast.  We recommend you set aside a portion of your budget to include these key personnel in large live stream productions; 
  • Fiber & Communication Package - This package is a premium feature and is available when camera operators must be 300 feet or more away from the production video village. Sporting events, theatre productions or conference events requiring multiple locations will benefit from this package;
  • Social Media Director & Photographer - live web photo blogging, social media updates and chat room interactions are available thru our photographer or social media director;
  • Misc services/requirements can include but are not limited to: weather protection gear, generators (& other electrical sources), lodging, reference monitors, IFBs, confidence monitors, custom web design and/or dedicated internet line.
  • Talk to your account representative for all additional services that can be added to your final contract to insure a world class live web streaming production.
Above:  GLTA Tennis Athletes Jon Guerrica and Jake Bishop call play by play for the XXI Capital Classic Tennis Tournament in Washington, DC.  Below: Case Western Reserve University in Columbus, Ohio - setting up for a three camera live web streaming production for the GG9 Wrestling Tournament..

Above:  GLTA Tennis Athletes Jon Guerrica and Jake Bishop call play by play for the XXI Capital Classic Tennis Tournament in Washington, DC.  Below: Case Western Reserve University in Columbus, Ohio - setting up for a three camera live web streaming production for the GG9 Wrestling Tournament..


Contract Login & Online Reservation System for Live Web Streaming Customers

Empire Video Productions, LLC utilizes an online contract & management system that allows you to plan, prepare, digitally sign and make contract payments online at anytime.  Choose the service you need, the venue where your event will be located and plan out your entire broadcast using any of our online planning worksheets.

Start below with our "check availability" link.  This online tool will query our database to see if our staff is available on the date of your project.  Start by entering the date and clicking on the "check our availability" button.  If the date is available, a "new reservation request" form will appear.  Please fill out that form as completely as you can and hit submit.  We will email you within 48 hours with information or additional questions as we prepare a final quote for you to consider.  If you need to speak to us, call 305-695-0095 Monday thru Friday 10am to 6pm.

ALREADY HAVE A SIGNED CONTRACT?  Then enter our system to review or sign your contract, give us additional details or send us a message about your event.  Enter the date of your event (below right) and put in the password that was given to you.  YOu will now have access to your online contract at anytime day or night.  If you need to make a change, go ahead and amend your information.  We will be notified immediately if you make any changes to your account.

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If you are an employee or free lance contractor for Empire Video Productions, LLC or any of our divisions, you can log in to your employee account to see what projects are available, what your next assignment will be and any notes left for you by the management team. All equipment assigned to you will be on your account along with your expense report and your payment voucher.



The benefits of live web streaming for your business

Client:  Acura Region 4 & Napleton's Palm Beach Acura

Challenge:  What is the best way to bring together 48 dealerships from across the southern US to talk about the challenges, opportunities and direction for the new fiscal year?  General Managers and their top sales teams are needed in their stores to provide leadership and direction.  A day or two missed at the office can mean loss revenue or lose income opportunities - not to mention the expense of travel to West Palm Beach, Florida.

Solution:  Our live web streaming production crew teamed up with our Ft. Lauderdale video production partners to provide a live web streaming solution - a first for the Region 4 Acura dealers.  By combining the dealership's normal interactive conference call with a collaborative live stream with the executive team, the dealerships were able to receive the information they need while maintaining their presence in their individual stores.


Client:  TECLA Awards 2016

Challenge:  When Hispanicize had tremendous success with the 1st Annual TECLA Awards in 2015, they realized they had missed a key market in their outreach - the online live web streaming market.  In 2016, they sought to change that omission.  The annual TECLA Awards was created to recognize excellence in Latino blogging, micro-blogging, social media and digital marketing.  Because their primary emphasis was on the online market, it only made sense to use live web streaming to reach out to their core Latino audience.

Solution:  Our live web streaming production crew teamed up with the global public relations and communications firm Burston-Marsteller in Miami to bring a 3 camera live web streaming solution to the 2nd annual awards ceremony in Miami.  The challenge was dealing with a local club venue that was not optimized for high speed internet traffic and to provide a live broadcast that would meet the needs and expectations of audiences throughout the United States and Latin America.


Client:  World Stem Cell Summit

Challenge:  When record breaking pre-registration dominated this year's 2016 World Stem Cell Summit - the question was asked:  "how can more scientist, medical professionals and stake holders have the ability to watch and participate in the summit?"   Live web streaming was the logical solution to expand the summit's reach pass the over 1,200 attendees and 225 speakers in attendance this year.  With the potential to reach a global audience, the organizers wanted to find an economical way to bring more than 30 hours of live web streaming programming to stakeholders, industry professionals and conference attendees who wanted to see it all but could not get to see it all.

Solution:  Keep it simple but extensive.  Provide a live web streaming solution that would allow us to get the very best summit breakout sessions, keynote addresses and presentations by world renown experts in a 4 day period that was jam packed with sessions that ran longer than 11 hours each day.




Client: XFN Xtreme Fighting Nation

Challenge:  Young start-ups often have big dreams.  Sometimes those dreams (and the budgets that go along with dreaming big) are often hard to align.  In 2013 promoter Daniel Kay wanted to promote up and coming MMA fighters in the South-East region.  In 2016, he wanted to expand his vision of being the largest amateur MMA promter in the South by including LIVE pay per view for his fans.  He had commanded the respect of the fighters, he now wanted to command the airwaves by introducing live web streaming.

Solution:  Working with our Ft. Lauderdale production partners, we started off small with just a single camera wide view of the MMA fights.  The fans wanted more and XFN delivered.  They expanded the broadcast from being just a simple one camera live stream to a three camera live stream that also featured in-cage interviews, sponsor commercials and world class sports announcers. 2016 allowed us the opportunity to direct and produce XFN 7, 8, 9 and 10 - with the last bout being at the Bahia Mar Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Client:  Travelball Select

Project:  TravelBall Select is one of the nation's premier tournament organizations - providing organized, competitive tournaments and a team ranking system for youth baseball teams across the United States.  Often they are called upon to enter into a market where they need live web streaming services and are unable to use their normal production house.  TBS needed their qualifying national championship matches live streamed to the same production standard they were use too and called upon our services.

Scope of Work & Challenges:  Teaming up with our Ft. Lauderdale production partners, we provided TBS with a 5 camera live web streaming production of a number of qualifying championship matches in Ft. Lauderdale.  Live web streaming outdoor events are challenging - weather conditions, internet availability and camera placements due to distances all make for a challenging environment.  TBS had to rely on our experience in the live web streaming sports space to provide the type of coverage they were used to getting.

Client:  FARA USA

Project:  FARA USA is the largest pro-am formula racing organization in South Florida producing 7 road racing events throughout the year at the Homestead Motor Speedway, Sebring International Speedway and Daytona International Speedway.  These 7 races make up the Florida Road Racing Championship.  The team at FARA USA wanted to expand their fan base, corporate sponsorship & marketing reach in Florida and South America by introducing live web streaming to one of their largest racing event.

Scope of Work & Challenges:  The Sunset 300 (2014) and the Sunset 500 (2017) is a two day race that includes a 4 hour night-time race on day 1 (with qualifying heats and sprint races) and three 1 hour sprint races on day 2.  The Homestead Motor Speedway in-field race track is 2.3 miles long creating camera distances as much as 4000 feet away from our production hub.  The challenge was to create a 7-camera production team that would cover the entire in-field race track while having an effective communication platform that could reach a heavily modified 12 man production team. The 2nd challenge was to produce this broadcast on a very lean budget with two play by play announcers in challenging weather conditions in a less than ideal broadcast environment.

Client: U.S. Dept. of Transportation  & Sonshine Communications

Project:  Every two years, the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Transportation produce the Every Day Counts summit initiative - a state-based planning & communication model to identify and rapidly deploy proven but underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability.  In 2014, EDC-3 traveled to 7 different cities in 2 1/2 months to meet with local, regional & state transportation officials to discuss these new plans and innovations. In 2016, EDC-4 was launched to continue this program in 7 new cities..  Due to the impact the live web streaming process made in 2014, Empire Video Productions and Sonshine Communications was called on once again to provide video production services.

Scope of Work & Challenges:  The EDC-3 summit was held in Arizona, California, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina and Washington, DC.  Working in conjunction with South Florida's leading PR & Media Relations firm (Sonshine Communications),  each two day conference required coordination with venue A/V personnel, IT personnel and logistics coordination to effectively put on each live web streaming broadcast.   In the California market, our client required two simultaneous live streaming broadcasts covering two sessions at the same time.  Each web session required multiple power point inclusions along with a live interactive chat for viewers to ask questions of the presenters.  In addition, due to one city venue unable to provide audio services, we were asked to include an audio presentation package alongside our live streaming service.  Multiple sessions, dual live streaming sessions in California, back to back sessions in multiple cities in one week and coordinating with 3 different organizations required us to be meticulous in our detail and planning at every stage of the broadcast.

Client:  CCE Sports Network - Exclusive Broadcast Event - D2 Division Championship Match - 2016 IGLFA World Soccer Championship

Project:  The Team at the CCE Sports Network (A division of Empire Video Productions) was asked to return to the IGLFA to live stream their World Soccer Championship event in Portland, OR.

Solution:  After a successful IGLFA World Championship broadcast in Cleveland, OH in 2014, our crew was asked to make the trek out to Portland, OR to cover this 5 day tournament event being held in two locations - Owens Sports Complex for the preliminary and playoff rounds and Providence Park for the Championship matches.  It was a pleasure to film from the home stadium of the MLS National Champion Portland Timbers and give soccer fans across the world a chance to see this year's IGLFA World Championship at Providence Park.  Coordinating production crews from both Miami and Portland while coordinating our play by play production team from San Francisco and Washington DC was our biggest challenge to insure sports fans had a great online viewing experience.

Client:  Miami Association for Behavior Analysis

Project:  The Tech B Conference was designed to create partnerships, share information and search for solutions to emerging problems that shape the work of behavior professionals.  For the 2016 conference, the focus was how technology and innovative robotic practices could be used in behavior analysis and educational assistance.

Solution:  M.A.B.A. realized that it had students and industry professionals all over the world who could benefit by attending this conference but may not have a practical way to travel to Miami, FL.  Because earning CEU credits is an important part of the continuing education process, there had to be a solution that allowed students and professionals to get access to the information, ask pertinent questions and review the material at their leisure.  Our live web streaming solution with an interactive Q&A chat room provided viewers all over the world the ability to watch and participate in the conference.  This was the 2nd time we had worked with the Miami Association for Behavior Analysis to provide live streaming services for their CEU courses.


Client:  CCE Sports Network - Exclusive Broadcast Event - "B" Division Championship Final - Queen City Open 2016

Project:  Small tennis tournaments are often challenged by resources and personnel to put on their events.  An even greater challenge is to introduce a new service that can easily out grow any budget.  The Queen City Tennis Association decided that in their 2nd year of hosting this tournament, they wanted live web streaming just like their sister tournament in Columbus, Ohio - a tournament we have broadcasted live every year since 2013.  The Queen City Open may its online debut this year at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Cincinnati, OH.

Solution:  In our 2nd professional stadium in as many weeks in 2016, the CCE Sports Network crew headed out to the Lindner Family Tennis Center (home to the WTA Western and Southern Open) to live stream this small Midwestern tennis tournament where 75 athletes came out to compete in Open, A, B, C and D division competitive play.  This three day tournament featured players of all skill levels competing on the very same stadium court with the likes of pro players like Andy Murray, John Isner, Karolina Pliskova and Angelique Kerber.